Consignment FAQs

What is the first step to selling at auction?

The first step is to find out whether we sell your type of property and how much the property is worth at auction.

How can I learn if you will sell my property and find its potential auction value?

Call 713-254-4399. Email Question: Contact Appraisal and Valuation Specialists at 713-254-4399. Bring property to our location: See next question below.

Can I bring my property to you for an estimate?

You can bring your property to us during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Saturday by appointment only. To ensure we can meet your needs always make an appointment. DO NOT ship your property to us or leave property without making prior arrangements.

Consignment to auction, how long will this take?

This varies depending on project. We must have time to complete the research, catalog and photograph. There should be a mutually agreed upon consignment deadline, or closing date. This date will be viewable on our website’s home page showing the date of the upcoming auction.

How much will it cost me to sell property at auction?

Sliding scale of commission charges for sellers based on a client’s selling history.

What is Reserve in an Auction?

A minimum mutually agreed price that the consignor is willing to accept, anything below, the lot will not be sold. Amount is confidential and will only be known by the consignor and us. The consignor and our specialists will mutually agree on an appropriate reserve price.

What is a consignment agreement?

A consignment agreement is a contract with the consignor to sell property. The consignment agreement includes all terms and fees for services such as insurance/loss damage liability, shipping and illustration.

Who arranges the shipping of property for the auction?

After agreeing to the consignment of your property, you can either: 1. Bring it yourself 2. Arrange your own shipper for delivery 3. Too much to bring or ship. Not sure where to start? Request help. Contact 713-254-4399

How will I know the final sale price of my property?

After the auction you will receive a post-sale notification listing the final bid price. If the property failed to sell, a notification will be sent stating that your property failed to reach the reserve price, or was not bid on at all.

What if my property does not sell?

Contact the specialist in charge for advice on how you should proceed.

When will I expect to receive my payment?

»When will I receive payment? Payments to consignors are sent within approximately 35 days after each auction, assuming purchasers have paid. Consignor payments are accompanied by statements itemizing the commission and any other charges that may occur.